Health Mirror Workflow

  • Health Mirror:
    • fits seamlessly into the physician’s workflow
    • requires minimal staff input
    • delivers education easily to the waiting patient at the point of care
    • delivers education pre- and post-encounter via mobile device

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  • Front loads engaging patient education to the waiting patient, utilizing otherwise wasted time.

    • Woman with known asthma, complaining of wheezing, presents for annual exam.
    • Staff initiates link to content about proper use of a nebulizer, as well as healthy living tips, prevention, and breathing problems.
    • Patient enters her email address to view that same content at home.

  • Above is a screenshot of the patient interface, seen by the patient waiting in the exam or on their personal device.

  • Engages the otherwise unegaged patient.

    • Man (older, diabetic, disinterested) views prioritized content that displays after no interaction is detected:
    • Views education about the role of diet in diabetes, colon cancer screening, and diabetic foot care tips
    • Education received pre-encounter primes the patient-physician enounter and engages the patient in their healthcare.

  • Above is a screenshot of the video player in the patient interface. Patients view patient education here, and can select other related videos to watch.

  • Patients may view the education on a personal device in the office or at home. Supported on Windows, Ipad and Android Devices.

    • Young Man (smoker) scans a QR code to view education on his smartphone.
    • Targeted video education for this patient includes education on Tobacco Use, Gardasil and Healthy Living Tips.
    • Reinforces physician counseling after the visit.
  • Care managers send education home to patients via email, positively reinforcing both phone triage and results communication.

    • New mother calls to schedule her newborn’s 1 month visit, and has questions about vaccinations
    • Care manager emails the patient a link with education for 1 month old infant
      • Safety
      • Vaccines
      • Prevention
  • Physician, Practice Educator or Administrator is able to manage Health Mirror Content from a browser.

      Physician customizing their Health Mirror library by:
    • Approving new education from Health Mirror or the Practice Educator
    • Changing the video queue priorities
    • Loading videos internally created
    • Linking personal online multimedia health education favorites
  • Waiting Room: Monitor displays consistent message:

    • Educates
    • Entertains
    • Easily customizable
    • Ad-free, with optional platform for practice promotions