For over 40 years, HCI, originally founded as Hospital Communications Inc., has been at the forefront of hospital television innovation. HCI devised the original concept of low voltage televisions on arms for hospital patients. Over the years, the HCI product suite and solution set has expanded significantly to incorporate innovative hardware and software. These solutions are designed to educate, entertain and inform patients and their families more effectively, while providing clinical tools to better measure, manage, and document patient care.

HCI’s solutions today range from Smart TVs to its’ MediaCare software for remotely administering education, communication, entertainment and enterprise apps that increase patient satisfaction and enhance productivity of staff. Health Mirror partners with HCI to provide engaging patient education on their devices.

EMR Partner

Healthy Roads

We are partnered with Allscripts to develop Health Mirror's integration with their electronic medical records system.

Content Partners

Milner Fenwick

Over 40 years of producing respected health related multi-media content.

Healthy Roads

Health Roads Media produces multimedia content in multiple languages to provide health information for diverse populations in a variety of settings.

Content Source Examples:

The CDC shares their multimedia health videos on YouTube, promoting quality of life through the prevention and control of disease, injury, and disability.

AboutKidsHealth is the world's leading non-profit information source for children's health.


Whiteboard visual lectures that are high quality and also highly engaging.

Subscribers can add and customize their own content, including online links, static slides, and video files.