Improved Clinical Quality Measures Reported after Health Mirror Implementation

Data, obtained three months after implementation of Health Mirror, revealed improvement in four clinical quality preventive measures in a NCQA Level 3 PCMH recognized advanced family medicine site. Health Mirror was used at this site to educate solely on preventive measures.

13.5% improvement in the percent of female patients receiving HPV vaccinations

8.4% improvement in the percent of patients aged 50-74 with colorectal carcinoma screening

4.2% improvement in the percent of patients greater than 13 years of age receiving Tdap vaccination

7.7% improvement in the percent of women aged 40-69 who had a mammogram within the past 2 years

These findings were particularly significant, as this practice had a dedicated care manager in place for over a year prior to the study and despite a 19% drop in patients who received paper patient education generated from the practice's EMR during the 3 month study. Direct measurement of patient interaction and viewing were not obtainable during the study time period. Providers estimated that 50%-75% of patients were viewing or interacting with the Health Mirror content when they entered the examination room.