Wound Care

This unique setting provides numerous opportunities for patients to benefit from Health Mirror engagement:
  • Visits tend to involve prolonged exam room times with the application of topical anesthetic, debridement and dressing changes. Patients frequently have multiple chronic medical problems that benefit from improvement in self care and healthy habits.
  • Practice Expectations: Hand-hygiene, importance of keeping appointments, promotion of state quit-smoking site, and other top practice initiatives site, and other top practice initiatives
  • Diabetes, Healthy Weight and Tobacco cessation content
  • Managing Cancer treatment side-effects


Utilizing Health Mirror provides a potential resolution to a key pain point, which is to lower cancellation rates of procedures. The educational content we provide:
  • Reinforces the value and intent of screening colonoscopy.
  • Provides tips for effective bowel prep and,
  • Reinforces anesthesia NPO (nothing by mouth) and no smoking after midnight.
  • Provides post-procedure instructions along with how to understand results.


The Health Mirror solution enables pediatric practices to disseminate education specific to patient by age, gender, symptoms, and preventive care while still addressing some classic pediatric patient education needs. For example:
  • Newborn:

    • Video versions of vaccine information statements,
    • “Back to sleep,” car seat safety, and breast-feeding support.
  • Children:

    • Behavior concerns, safety videos,
    • Age appropriate Vaccine Statements,
    • Maintaining healthy weight, picky eaters, and healthy eating ideas.
  • Adolescents:

    • Maintaining healthy Weight, exercise, sports safety, concussion awareness.
    • Tips for healthy habits, managing stress and bullying.

Observation Units:

In this environment, the organization can capitalize on having a motivated audience and utilize the Health Mirror solution to educate the patient and family on:
  • Warning signs of stroke, heart attack and sepsis,
  • Stress testing and Echocardiography,
  • Prevention and Healthy Living tools,
  • Flu vaccine and Pneumovax,
  • How to avoid re-admittance,
  • Medication safety,