Device Management

The Health Mirror solution provides a tremendous amount of flexibility for outpatient facilities as well:
  • Health Mirror works on Android, Windows, and iPads, and can potentially be used with your practice’s existing hardware.
  • The Health Mirror solution is designed to be administered centrally from a single desktop.
  • All of the practice’s exam room devices can be managed efficiently in both single and multiple site environments.
  • Health Mirror is a cloud based system. As such, there is no need for any applications or programs to be installed or maintained on a server. In addition, there are minimal up-front costs involved to implement the solution.

Educational Message Management

Health Mirror’s solution is unique in that the educational content provided is specific to each patient, and not simply general information. This is a critical differentiator within our solution as our clients believe if the information is specific to the patient, it is relevant to the patient and, as a result, resonates better with the patient. In addition, the Health Mirror Solution includes the capability of:
  • Providing patient education for much more than just the patient’s reason for visit. Your practice can utilize our library of content to promote healthy living, disease prevention, cancer screening, and chronic conditions, to name just a few.
  • Potentially answering patients’ questions before they’re asked.
  • Reinforcing the physician’s message.
  • Providing a library of videos that have been evaluated utilizing national standards such as AHRQ. To learn more about the content evaluation process, click here.
  • Providing core content, as well as additional content development based on specialty or practice-specific parameters and guidelines.
  • Practices adding their own content to the library .
  • Having the flexibility to operate independently, or, integrate into an EMR or other clinical system.
  • Providing utilization reports regarding what videos are being viewed and by whom. A full suite of standard utilization reports are provided with the Health Mirror solution. Additional reports over and above the standard package that may be required post-implementation can be developed as well.

Communicating with the Patient

Patient Accessibility: Health Mirror is a multimedia solution, providing educational content at the point of care in a familiar format that can be easily accessed on computers, tablets, or mobile phones. The solution is also portable as content can be delivered pre- and post-encounter via e-mail or mobile devices. Our physician clients have expressed that the ability to prime the patient for their encounter with the physician, then reinforce the message during, as well as after, the encounter is invaluable and one of the key benefits of using Health Mirror.