Patient engagement, driven by outcomes-based reimbursement, is a progressively higher priority for healthcare systems and physician practices nationwide. This initiative is requiring organizations of all sizes to secure more efficient and effective patient education solutions as a means of enabling patients to take better control of managing their overall health.

The Health Mirror Enterprise solution provides an integrated patient education, entertainment, and communications system for your healthcare organization with:
  • Hospital grade smart televisions
  • Single source solution, powered by leading technology and partnership with Healthcare Information (HCI)
  • Streamlined management of patient communications operations within an organization.
  • Tools critical to meeting patient engagement initiatives, increasing the quality of patient care, and enhancing patient satisfaction.

Operations ➨

Disease Management and Prevention Awareness Campaigns: Hospitals routinely promote specific disease management and prevention initiatives. Commonly, information tables are strategically placed throughout the hospital. The Health Mirror Enterprise solution can improve and facilitate your disease awareness campaigns by:
  • Displaying your proprietary organizational messages and videos consistently throughout your system.
  • Enabling patients and caregivers to link the information to their own devices.
  • Disseminating education for your awareness initiatives (e.g. breast cancer, diabetes, colonoscopy, hypertension and congestive heart failure).

Digitally Store, Manage and Disseminate Content: Health Mirror Enterprise solution digitally manages, stores, and links patient education videos, entertainment, and other media:
  • Replaces DVD cart use within the facility for educational and entertainment purposes, eliminating related infection control issues
  • Accessible to all patients when and where it is needed.
  • Media is managed centrally by designated staff.

Device Management ➨

Central Administration:

Does your organization go through an arduous and labor intensive process every time devices and applications within the system are upgraded? One of the key benefits of the Health Mirror Enterprise solution is that updates are administered centrally, streamlining the process. Facilities no longer need to make changes to every device individually, a huge time saver for your IT staff.

Single Processor:

The Health Mirror Enterprise solution manages and operates hospital entertainment, patient education, and patient communication systems with a single processor. There are few, if any, companies that can offer a similar platform. Operationally, this single processor configuration affords a huge resource and cost savings to healthcare delivery systems that otherwise have to support independent systems for these patient services.

Educational Message Management ➨

The Health Mirror Enterprise Solution enables patient education management in the following ways:
  • Disseminates education where and when indicated for improved self-care, reinforcing healthy habits that go beyond the inpatient stay, and promoting long-term lifestyle changes that reduce hospital readmissions.
  • Provides a library of videos that have been screened and scored to be consistent with the PEMAT guidelines developed by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) for usability and actionability. To learn more click here.
  • Organizes and delivers hospital proprietary content via the customizable library.
  • Enables patient education management from a central administrative point for your entire enterprise.

Communicating with the Patient ➨

Patient Messaging: From a patient communications standpoint, organizations can take advantage of the Health Mirror Enterprise solution’s unique single processing architecture that enables the following:
  • Presentation of pertinent patient messages on the smart TV while entertainment is running.

  • Delivery of key messages from clinical staff to patients via the same application and device.

  • Display of patient-nurse assignment, reminders, and schedule using the white board functionality.

  • Integration of the white board function with the nurse call system, or provision of our API to the hospital for internal configuration.

Streamlining the Hospital Discharge Process:
The Health Mirror Enterprise solution enhances discharge instruction delivery:
  • Patients can view engaging, facility-specific educational videos targeted to the patient’s diagnoses and problem list prior to leaving the hospital.

  • The multimedia format can be e-mailed or shared to the patient’s or caregiver’s mobile device.

  • At home, the patient can easily review the discharge videos that reinforce key instructions, answering questions that the staff may otherwise have had to address.

Patient Portals: One of the major challenges for healthcare delivery systems has been how to increase patient portal utilization. The requirements proposed in Meaningful Use Stage 3 make achieving this goal even more difficult. Organizations often struggle just to have patients sign-up for portal access.

Health Mirror Enterprise solution enables easy patient enrollment:

  • In the hospital, patients may sign-up using their smart TV
  • At home, electronic access for enrollment is incorporated into the discharge instructions

In either case, the Health Mirror Enterprise solution is uniquely designed to stimulate patient portal utilization, thus enabling your organization to get closer to meeting your Meaningful Use requirements

Support ➨

Single Point of Contact: Many hospitals struggle with having to deal with multiple vendors when it comes to managing an enterprise-wide entertainment, patient education, and communications system. Through the Health Mirror Enterprise solution, we provide:
  • A single point of contact for the initial implementation and on-going support of the solution.
    • This virtually eliminates the “finger-pointing” and diffusion of responsibility that occurs when multiple vendors are part of the support process.
  • A dedicated account manager who acts as a liaison between your organization and ours.