What is Health Mirror?

Health Mirror is a cloud-based tool that enables physicians to educate their patients in the exam room, as well as pre or post visit. Our database delivers a library of health information that is easily targeted to an individual patient’s gender, symptoms, diagnoses, language, and age.

At the point-of-care, the waiting patient:

  • Views educational videos using a tablet or stand-alone touchscreen device,
  • Learns about a symptom or problem they have, priming them for the physician encounter,
  • Understands current and new practice initiatives and priority messages,
  • Reviews the VIS statement for a vaccine they are scheduled to have,
  • Receives information about a scheduled or recommended procedure such as colonoscopy,
  • Utilizes otherwise wasted time

Before or After the Visit:

  • Care manager, provider or nurse easily shares education , to the patient directly via e-mail or mobile device.

Developed by physicians for physicians to fit within personal practice workflow needs:

  • Enhancement of the physician-patient encounter experience, improving patient satisfaction,
  • Achievement of improved clinical quality and Meaningful Use Measures,
  • Reinforcement of the Patient Centered Medical Home model,
  • Education of the difficult to engage patient,
  • Monthly subscription pricing model.